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How to Use Siri on iPhone 13 to Help with Many Tasks?

Siri is not a new thing on iPhone 13, but some users may wonder how to use Siri on iPhone 13. Some users do not even activate this handy feature when first setting up the device. Well, it is a waste of resources because Siri comes with many benefits. It is like having a personal assistant on your hand when this feature is active and ready to use at any time. It is pivotal to know how to get this feature ready and use it appropriately. How to do it on the iPhone 13?

use siri on iphone 13

Steps to use Siri on your iPhone 13

Some new users of the device may not know how to incorporate this beneficial feature on the device. It is crucial to immediately activate this feature when setting up the device for the first time. If you have an iPhone 13 but did not activate it beforehand, do the following things first.

  • Go to the Settings menu of the device and tap on the Siri & Search menu.
  • Move the slider next to the menu Listen for Hey Siri to the right. It allows you to use this feature by saying Hey Siri towards your device.

activate siri on iphone 13

  • Alternatively, turn the slider next to Press Home for Siri to the right. It is the way to use Siri without using any voice command.
  • Move the slider next to Allow Siri When Locked to the right. It allows Siri to remain functional even when the screen is locked.

Those are the things to do first on how to use Siri on iPhone 13. Keep in mind that those things are necessary to activate the feature. Without them, saying Hey Siri to the phone will not do anything. So, how to ask Siri to do anything when it is ready and available?

  • Say Hey Siri and add a command. For example, Hey Siri, open Facebook. It tells Siri to open or run the Facebook app immediately. It works when the option Listen for Hey Siri is active.
  • Alternatively, press the home button to run Siri. It works when the option Press Home for Siri is active.
  • Saying Hey Siri when using AirPods will also provide access to this beneficial feature of the iPhone 13.

Using Siri by Typing

It is possible to access Siri by inputting some texts. To activate this feature, go to the Accessibility option first. It is one of the menus in Settings. Activate the slider next to the menu Type to Siri. Keep in mind that it requires you to open Siri before typing any command. It eliminates the need for saying many things out loud. In the end, it is all about the matter of personal preferences.

Siri is a feature not to miss when using the latest version of the iPhone. It is easy and convenient in many ways to use. It simplifies many things by just using a voice command to get help from Siri. It is how to use Siri on iPhone 13 and maximize the function of the device itself.

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