How to Scan Documents on iPhone 13 with the Notes App

Knowing how to scan documents on iPhone 13 can be beneficial for iPhone users. It allows users to capture and save many things from documents to images on other media. This particular thing comes in handy when the source of materials is not possible to borrow. Of course, the iPhone is capable of doing this. Nevertheless, some users may not know about it. Fortunately, it … Read more

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How to Turn On Voicemail Notifications on iPhone 13 Easily

turn on voicemail notifications on iphone 13

Wondering how to turn on voicemail notifications on iPhone 13? Well, you’re not alone. There are lots of iPhone users who face a similar problem. Some of them might not be familiar with the current features. So, keep on reading to find the easiest way about turning on voicemail notifications on the iPhone 13. Steps to turn on voicemail notification on iPhone 13 A notification … Read more

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How to Activate and Use Back Tap on iPhone 13 Series

use back tap on iphone 13

Maybe, you are one of those million people who use iPhones. But do you know that the device has a feature namely Back Tap? Well, not all users may know this since Apple likes to hide functions beyond accessibility features. But of course, once you know this, it can be a very interesting thing. Learn how to use Back Tap on iPhone 13 below. The … Read more

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How to Take Full Page Screenshot on iPhone 13 Series

take full page screenshot on iphone 13

Knowing how to take full page screenshot on iPhone 13 definitely will make your life easier. There is a lot of information on the internet, and sometimes we want to save it to read later. Or maybe there is some juicy gossip on the internet that you want to share with your friends. Taking a full page screenshot will make sharing information much more effortless. … Read more

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How to Use and Play Background Sounds on iPhone 13

play background sounds on iphone 13

This reading informs you in short about how to use and play background sounds on iPhone 13. It helps you to sleep better or have good concentration. Thus, the background sounds are essential for you. In new feature of iOS 15, users can app the Do Not Disturb tool. It allows them to concentrate and relax better. Let us learn the step-by-step process of applying … Read more

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