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How to Delete Contact on iPhone 13 or Remove Multiple Lists

Delete contact on iPhone 13 is possible, whether for single or multiple contacts. From this reading, you will know the process to do it. Here is the following information for your knowledge.

delete contact on iphone 13

Steps to delete contact on iPhone 13 in a simple way

In this part, you will understand to delete a single contact from your iPhone 13. The process may almost be similar to other iPhone types. It allows you to remove the contact that you do not need.

  • This tip covers you with a simple method. So, you know how to remove unrequired contact from your iPhone. Remember that this process takes you with the individual step.delete single contact on iphone 13
  • Start by opening the contacts from your iPhone 13. Then, continue by finding the one that you wish to remove or delete.
  • Proceed by tapping the contact. You have to open the contact card before doing the next step.
  • Hit the Edit button located in the upper right corner. Make sure you do it after you get the contact card. Then, the desired contact you want to delete is removed.

How to remove multiple contacts on iPhone 13

You may have the plan to pass your iPhone to other family members. Otherwise, you accidentally sync the lists of your contact with a friend. Both make you wonder how to delete the extra names on your iPhone 13.

After you know the process of deleting a single contact, you can also delete more than one contact at the same time. It enables you to clear all your contacts at once as well.

Delete contact on iPhone 13 can spend your time longer. You have to do it one by one. That is why you require a simpler process and do not delete it individually.

  • Access your iCloud by using icloud.com from your browser. Do not forget to sign in to your iCloud account before starting. Enter the 6 digits numbers as the part of two-factor authentication code.
  • You can see the display from your iPhone screen. You can also do this step using a PC. If it is so, you have to select Trust from Trust this browser window.

icloud contact

  • Proceed by clicking the Contacts icon displayed on your screen. The same display will appear on your PC as well.

select multiple contact on icloud

  • Then, you can view all of your contact lists. All are stored in your iCloud. Choose the contacts that you wish to delete.

delete multiple contact on iphone 13

  • After you think the selection is enough and done, you can continue with the other steps. Tap the small settings icon located on the bottom left corner of your screen. Next, click the Delete button.

Remember to always sign out from your iCloud once you complete the deleting process. It allows you to protect your privacy and avoid sharing your Apple ID with other people. So, you do not require to delete all contacts from your iCloud.


Using a separate Apple ID is essential to keep your data including your contact lists. Thus, the process to Delete contact on iPhone 13 or even multiple ones can be beneficial for you.

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