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How to Turn Off iPhone 13 when Frozen: The Complete Guide

There is nothing you can do when your iPhone 13 is frozen. The most possible thing to do is to turn off the iPhone first and turn it on again after a few seconds. It is the same can when you have an iPhone 13 Pro. Here, we will show you how to turn off iPhone 13 when frozen and won’t turn off.

turn off iphone 13 when frozen

Steps to turn off iPhone 13 when Frozen

In this situation, you need to do a specific action known as force restart to turn off Phone 13 when they are stuck. The first thing to do to force restart the iPhone is by pressing the volume up.

Then, press the volume down. Do these two steps fast. You only need fast pressing and releasing them. Now, go to the side button on the right side of the iPhone. Press this side button and hold it for a few seconds.

force restart iphone 13

Don’t release the button until the iPhone powers off. Wait until you see the Apple logo on the screen and release the button. Let the iPhone on and show its home screen. Check the iPhone, whether you can operate it or not. This simple trick may work when there is no serious problem with your device.

How to restart your iPhone 13

A force restart is different from a standard restart. You can use the standard restart when the iPhone screen is still working. This method means that you turn off the iPhone for a while and let it turn on again. So, how to turn off iPhone 13 when you can still use the screen?

The steps are similar to the way you force restart the iPhone. In the standard restart, you have to press and hold the side power button and volume button for a few seconds. Wait until the screen shows the power off slider feature. Release the buttons and swipe the slider feature. The device will automatically turn off.

Now, you can turn the device on again. Simply press and hold the side button for a few seconds. Release the button when you see the Apple logo on the screen. Give a few seconds to let all the networks on the iPhone back to normal after the restart or off process. Check the condition of the iPhone and ensure that you can use it normally as before.

The reason why your iPhone getting freeze

The freezing condition on iPhone 13 can be because of several reasons. Some of them include low storage space, infrequent iPhone reboots, uninstalled updates, and system issues on apps. Delete some unused files or apps and caches on the iPhone to give more free space.

Ensure that you also install the latest software to keep the iPhone working well. Indeed, learning how to turn off iPhone 13 is crucial. It is a process to restart the iPhone system back to normal. Then, you can start to find the issue and fix it to use the device without any problem as before. It also prevents your iPhone 13 from freezing over again.

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