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How to Show iPhone 13 Battery Percentage Easily

Show your iPhone 13 battery percentage to know its length of life. You can see it when you swipe down the upper right corner of your iPhone screen. From there, you can know the battery life.

Show the battery percentage on iPhone 13 permanently

The display presents you with the battery indicator along with its percentage. It appears above the icon directly. Let’s see the below steps for your reference. The way to show your iPhone 13 battery percentage is almost similar to the iPhone 6s or later type. The current OS allows you to place the widgets on your home screen.

iphone 13 battery percentage

Although there are several options, using a widget to display the battery percentage is necessary. You can apply this option to your iPhone 13. The step is not complicated to do.

You may already be familiar with the process. It is similar to adding any widget to the home screen. Here is the process in the following as a quick remembrance.

  • The process starts from your iPhone 13 home screen. You have to swipe the right side of the display. Then, it will direct you to the Today screen.
  • Proceed with the next step. Scroll your screen downward from the ready widgets. You have to do it until the battery widget appears on the screen.
  • After that, press long the widget to assist you with the next step. The widget will present you with a menu of actions. Then, you can select Edit Home Screen to proceed with the next process.
  •  Remove the battery widget to the Today screen. You can also put it wherever you want to place it on your iPhone 13 home screen. Once you finish, you can click anywhere on the screen to exit.

battery widget iphone 13

Remember that you can do long pressing in any place on your home screen. It allows you to edit it easily to know the iPhone 13 battery percentage. If you want to get the widgets, you can click the Plus button located on the upper-left corner of your screen.

add battery widget iphone 13

After you see the battery widget, scroll it horizontally to get varied display options. Then, tap Add Widget to get this widget to the home screen.

How to know the battery percentage from Siri

You may ask Siri for help to know your iPhone 13 battery percentage. This way is faster than the previous method. So, Siri will read out the battery life of your iPhone 13.

Here are the simple actions for your consideration.

  • Begin by reaching Siri using your iPhone 13. Press and hold the Side button. Otherwise, you can also directly ask Hey Siri.
  • After the first step, you can ask Siri What is my battery life. This stage will inform you how much the phone battery is still available. You can get the exact information this way.

Aside from using a widget, you can use this step too. However, you should reach Siri any time you want to know the battery life.


Several explanations on the previous can be the options to know your iPhone 13 battery life. Therefore, both ways are the best to know the iPhone 13 battery percentage.

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