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How to Screen Record on iPhone 13, Find the Location, and Use It

Showing something cool or your achievement to your friends while using iPhone 13 is easy right now. You only have to screenshot or record the things on the screen without using another device. Content creators or iPhone users should know how to screen record on iPhone 13. It helps them to save the result, edit it, and use it for any purpose.

screen record on iphone 13

Simple guide to Screen Record on your iPhone 13 series

Before you starting a screen recording on your iPhone 13, you’ll need to add the Screen Recording control to Control Center. Here’s how:

  • In Settings, scroll down and tap Control Center.
  • Scroll down and then tap the green Add icon next to Screen Recording.
  • If you scroll up, you’ll see that Screen Recording has been added to the included controls.

add screen recording to control center

Now it’s time to capture the action. you can start recording by tapping the Screen Recording button and waiting for the three-second countdown. Once the countdown ends, screen recording begins.

Now, turn on the app you want to record on the screen. Use your finger to scroll down from the top right of the screen. This action shows you the control center. In this step, there will be a circle inside of another circle on the screen. It is the screen record icon.

screen recording iphone 13

If you’d like to record your voice over the screen recording, you can turn on the microphone by touching and holding the Screen Recording button and then tapping the Microphone button.

screen recording save

The save file location

After practicing the instructions on how to screen record on iPhone 13 above, search for the save file location. The iPhone 13 will automatically save all recordings in photo albums. Apple supports this device with default albums. The system will automatically create an album based on the category, such as all photos, videos, panoramas, and many more. Check your screen record there and use it as you wish.

Share, move, and delete the screen record on iPhone 13

  • Move the Screen Record

You can do anything with the screen record once you find it on the photo albums feature. Let say you want to move the screen record save location to make it easier to use. You only have to select the screen record you want to move. Then, tap the add to option and decide the new save location.

  • Share the Screen Record  

Do you want to share the result with friends? Indeed, you can do it. Select the screen record you want to share. Then, tap the share icon or the box with an arrow at the bottom of the screen. This action will open the way you want to share the screen record, such as by message, email, and printing. Tap one of the options and send it to your friends.

  • Delete the Screen Record  

Are you not satisfied enough with the result? Or you don’t use the screen record anymore? You can delete it. Choose the screen record you want to delete and tap the trash in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Go to the main album screen and tap the see all option. Continue the process by tapping the edit option. Hit the red circle on the album to delete the content. It helps a lot when you want to delete all the screen records you have made. Now, you not only know how to screen record on iPhone 13 but also the way to find the result, and how to use them.

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