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How to Use and Play Background Sounds on iPhone 13

This reading informs you in short about how to use and play background sounds on iPhone 13. It helps you to sleep better or have good concentration. Thus, the background sounds are essential for you.

In new feature of iOS 15, users can app the Do Not Disturb tool. It allows them to concentrate and relax better. Let us learn the step-by-step process of applying background sound.

play background sounds on iphone 13

Steps to use and play background sound on iPhone 13

The background sound can be your wellness feature. Because of that, iOS and iPad 15 are concerned about this feature. The developer chooses the name as a tool for users to have better relaxation.

The feature is available on iPhone 13. The following steps are on how to set up the background sounds. See how to activate it.

  • Find and click the Settings app located on the Home screen. It begins with the process. Then, you can continue to the following step.

enable background sounds on iphone

  • Next, users have to scroll down the screen. Find and select the Accessibility function. It will guide you to the next part.
  • Once you are in, scroll down again on your screen. Search the Audio/Visual button. Proceed with the next part.
  • Select and click the Background Sounds button. After that, you can continue to toggle on your Background Sounds.

change background sounds

  • Select your preferred sound. You can expose your creativity in this section. Find any sound that you desire most.
  • Choose a sound that you like. Do not confuse it with many sound choices. The options available on how to use background sounds on iPhone 13 are Noise, Balanced, Ocean, Bright Noise, Dark Noise, Rain, and Stream.

Before continuing to the next part, you should know that the sound is downloaded once you select it. So, it means you already have a background sound on your iPhone 13.

customize background sounds on iphone 13

  • Click Back once you have decided. It makes you return to the Home Screen.
  • The last one is adjusting the Volume. Apply the slider once you need it. Thus, you have set your iOS with new Background Sounds.

Assign using other media

Users can use other media for background sound. It allows you to play it with other audio. The following information can help you to explain further about it.

  • Find the Background Sound page. Then, users have to toggle on Use When Media is Playing. This section will help them so much.
  • It is also possible for users to adjust the Volume. They can use the slider once they require it. They can higher or lower the volume.

use other media for background sound

  • Continue with toggle on Stop Sounds When Locked. As the name mentioned, this feature will stop the Background Sound from automatically playing anytime your device is locked.
  • From this part, users can learn further on how to activate the Background Sound using other media. So, they can enjoy the function.

The new feature on iOS 15 helps users not only to concentrate but also to relax or sleep. Get the experience of the newly added feature. Thus, understanding how to use and play background sounds on iPhone 13 allows users to maximize their device function.

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