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How to Activate and Use Back Tap on iPhone 13 Series

Maybe, you are one of those million people who use iPhones. But do you know that the device has a feature namely Back Tap? Well, not all users may know this since Apple likes to hide functions beyond accessibility features. But of course, once you know this, it can be a very interesting thing. Learn how to use Back Tap on iPhone 13 below.

use back tap on iphone 13

The Back Tap feature is available in iOS 14. Using the feature, you can simplify the way you use your smartphone. Besides, it also enables you to activate many more functions in the smartphone only by double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone.

Steps to activate and use Back Tap on iPhone 13

To use the Back Tap feature, you must activate it first. So, here are some steps to activate them.

  • Start your device and open the “Setting” menu. Continue it with opening “Accessibility”.

set up back tap iphone 13

  • Scroll down the page and “Touch“. After that, at the very bottom of the page, you will find “Back Tap“.

set up back tap iphone

  • Here, Apple brings further options whether to tap twice or 3 times on the back of the iPhone.
  • Choose the function you want and the feature will work when you tap on the back of your iPhone.

The function that has been chosen is activated after the selection of the starting page, on the app, or even directly on the lock screen.

Functions and benefits of the Back Tap feature

The Back Tap feature is one of the easy and simple ways in controlling the iPhone. Yes, there are some actions you can do using the feature. One of them is to control the system including volume up and down, shake, screenshot, shake, mute, access the notification center, lock screen, home, and many more.

The feature also controls scroll up and scroll down as well as ease your accessibility. Some features in Accessibility to control using Back Tap are Assistive Touch, Classic Invert, Smart Invert, Magnifier, Zoom, Voice Over, and Speak Screen.

The biggest question about the feature is about the sensor used to enable the device to reach when you tap its back. Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation yet about the technology used for this. But based on some reports, it is said that Back Tap works because of Proximity Sensor. The sensor is only compatible with devices with the Tap-to-wake feature. Therefore, Back Tap is not available in all iPhone series.


Back Tap is one of the innovations produced by Apple. It is available only in some series of iPhone; iOS 14 and above. To activate it, you only need to do some easy steps. Once the process is successful, you can use it to access many other features in iPhone. You can use Back Tap on iPhone 13 by activate it first.

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